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[this went on a bit- my * was *I am tragically committed to the idea of Clint winding himself up about Kate.]

IT’S JUST SO CLINT. He’s so… uh, ‘useless’ is too negative a word here and also innaccurate, as is ‘helpless’ but like. Incurably anxious? In this respect he is sort of like Wolverine,

And like, a bit like Wolverine is most uninhibitedly the savage, murderous Wolverine and also most uninhibitedly the broken, stolen-from-himself-by-his-other-self Logan when he’s in X-Force, Clint when he’s being International Crime Fighter Hawkeye with partner Hawkeye is sort of a distilled and freed form of Clint.

He’s an idiot and he’s hurting himself a great deal, in every sense but he’s also being the rogueish, disorganised, impulse-driven, hot-headed essential oil of Hawkeye (and this thing is also in Kate, of course, albeit in a different way) because they are people who, for whatever reason and because of their (totally different) backgrounds have learnt to live in a framework whereby the normal rules do not apply to them. And they like the bits where they find abnormal rules to adhere by, they really do- rules that suit them, like in Avengers teams but beneath it all there’s the Hawkeye-ness that takes a paleolithic weapon into battle (or hides it in a car just in case, at a wedding) and wears purple and does the right thing more than the good thing. And especially when the right thing’s a bad thing and a deeply wrong thing for them.

And Clint totally loves her but finds this deeply confusing because he finds, at the base of everything, absolutely everyone deeply confusing but especially Kate. Because he thinks she is really, really cool and she sort of thinks that he is really, really cool and normally this is the sort of thing that would lead to a brief dalliance with rumpo and him getting punched but Clint may finally have found a scenario where he’s too much of a stupid head to even do the stupid head thing, which is probably actually the smart way to do it but has become so backed up in his own Clint-ness that he’s had to find a labyrinthine, winding path through clouds of anxious stupid to get to it. And sometimes ends up back in the labyrinth, convincing himself not to do a thing he has no intention of doing and getting tangled in an enormous though process called How To Not Solve The Non-Problem That Isn’t Kate.

I don’t want them to be together but I really, really like them together. I think this is sort of also what they think? But I also really like the idea that they have a more-than-friends-but-not-quite-anything-else relationship, intimate and physical but non-sexual, so they can hug on the settee but it’s not, like, a hug that’s going somewhere. It’s just a private episode of Being Hawkeyes and Hawkeyes are, like, pretty fucked up people and sometimes they need to go and do that without other people who don’t necessarily share their particular brand of fuck up.

I dunno, that may not make any sense. I’ve been thinking about Uncanny X-Force a lot this weekend so it’s slightly permeating everything but just right at the end of vol. 1 I was thinking Logan seemed a lot like Clint, for a bit. The best there is at what they respectively do, it’s just that what they respectively do is frequently Fuck Themselves Up (Mostly Due To Already Being Considerably Fucked Up) While Fucking Other Things Up That They Were Just Trying To Un-Fuck In The First Place; Fuck.

(see also: all other Marvel heroes)

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