On not having to look happy when you’re massively uncomfortable

Man, surely Kristen had a right to look pissed off and uncomfortable? She was limping, she was in pain and she was having to listen to Seth MacFarlane’s fucking bullshit.

Kristen is someone who’s felt the way the media reduces and sexualises and demonises women, who could be mocked especially hard by someone as cruel and boring as MacFarlane, so that shitty song and his shitty, boring attitude probably fucked her right off, except you’re not allowed to look fucked off at the racist, sexist host of the Oscars, apparently, even if you’d really rather not be seen to be endorsing that shit, which is certainly how I would’ve fucking felt- damn right I’d’ve put on the goddamned grump face.

And she’d been on crutches, so standing on stage was probably kind of tough for her, you know and she was thinking ‘if I fuck up, I am going to get a tirade of abuse that I’m supposed to take good-humouredly and I’m not going to have an easy time, physically, getting off this stage and I don’t know if I can keep my shit together’ -that’s what her expression looks like, to me.

I’m not a Twi-hard, the best I could say about the series is that I think they’re mildly dangerous (for their portrayal of relationships) and I generally think the fact someone thinks a book is dangerous is a good reason to read it but I really like Kristen. Robert Pattinson’s life has been ruined by Twilight but it manifests like an enormous barbed wire fence around her; look unhappy about having played Bella and she’ll be abused for not docile-ly loving Robert Pattinson/Edward as ~any girl would want to be~ or whatever terrible shite and look happy and get branded a moron and discarded. There’s no way around it without getting shredded, so I’d probably put some grumpy-ass-face armor on before I went into it, too.

She looked beautiful, she was wearing a beautiful dress- not that that should matter but appearance is a lot at these things. She’d done herself up, even though she was on crutches and in pain, presumably from a filming accident or something, because she’d get a bunch of shit about how she either couldn’t be bothered to dress up or couldn’t be bothered to turn up if she didn’t and she went to this thing, which she knew would end up with her getting abused in the press because what doesn’t and then she had to sit there and listen to a song about women getting demonised for showing -HORROR- their breasts, which would piss any normal person the fuck off.

And then she didn’t really smile at Seth MacFarlane: FUCKING HERO STATUS FOR YOU, KRISTEN. I am seriously considering writing some fucking fanmail right now.

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